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Social Networking

Our team can help you establish a presence on a variety social platforms with custom designed graphical elements that will make a lasting impression on all who visit your page.

Combine this visibility with the ability to link directly to your website will certainly give your business more success within the social media scene.


What is Google+ ?


Google Plus is a feature-rich social media platform made up of Circles, Hangouts, Hangouts on Air, Communities and much more. It’s highly likely that your customers are already on Google+ and your regular activity on social media can be a valuable signal to others and it will help boost your search engine ranking. Google+ has a gold mine of worthwhile content that can be really useful for your business. If you’re not already on Google+, it’s time to start using one of the most powerful tools online.
After creating a Local Page for Google+, you can literally put your business on the map: Google Maps. Add your business address to the page to appear on local search results, thus becoming visible to potential customers. Local pages also allow customers to leave ratings and reviews. This provides a place where people can read about positive experiences and thoughts from other people who have used your services. Additionally, a local page allows for an expedited verification process. Once your brand is verified, Google+ provides helpful analytics to help understand your customers better, narrowing in on details such as where people are requesting driving directions from to reach your location and what they are searching for on Google to find you.
Just using Google+ alone can help push your content into Google search’s top results. When you conduct a Google search, the top results are influenced by who you follow on Google+. If one of the pages you follow shares content related to what you’re searching for, that content is pushed to the top of the search results. Therefore, the more people who follow your brand on Google+, the more likely your content is going to appear in their search results.
Launched last year as the adopted cousin of Hangouts, Google Helpouts are a place designed to find or provide help to anyone at anytime. You can receive guitar lessons, help with your home garden, or demonstrations on how to ride a bike. The possibilities are endless, and brands are beginning to take advantage. Google Helpouts also allow for ratings and reviews of your services. This creates instant credibility and gives your customers the ability to narrow in on exactly what they need from the expert of their choice.
Circles can be your best friend as a brand. With them, you can categorize people into leads, repeat customers, follow-ups, influencers, etc. Google+ includes an extremely useful search bar in which you can easily find individual people, pages, or topics that people are posting out. You can connect with people and build relationships by asking questions, commenting on popular content, and sharing posts on your own page. Google has also included a feature for tagging other pages or profiles to alert them you have shared their content.
With Google+ reviews showing up on search results, potential customers might be influenced to choose your business if they come across positive reviews. Therefore, provide great service and proactively solicit reviews on Google+. Nothing beats a favorable reference from one human being to another. Along the same lines, searchers looking for local businesses, particularly those on the move and using mobiles can find your store if your Google+ business page carries the relevant information with Google Maps embedded, office hours and your phone number. This is truly a requirement for any small business.

FaceBook Business Pages

With more than 750 million active Facebook users, an increasing number of consumers are using the site to find products, services and brands to solve their everyday problems. Facebook and other social networks make it easy for potential customers to find you. And when they do, they are often more likely to remember your brand and share it with their own connections. Ultimately, a branded Facebook page for your business can be a powerful way to expand your reach and increase awareness of your business online.
Having a Facebook page for your business gives you a way to talk to and get direct feedback from your target audience. Think of it like an ongoing focus group. Your fans are there because they are aware of your company, and want to learn more. While they are certainly expecting to receive useful information from your Facebook page, you can also be collecting useful information from them through their participation. Facebook Insights also provide useful information about your fans and their interactions on your page.Facebook provides basic analytics for its business users. This help you figure out who is viewing your content and how successfully you are engaging with your fans. It also allows you to see which posts are getting the most interaction and which is the best time to post content.
Social connections and genuine communication are integral parts of social media, and a Facebook page for your business gives you a unique opportunity to attach a face, name and personality to your brand. While your Facebook page may be representative of your company, it also allows you to show the human side of your business through one-on-one conversations, personal tidbits and non-business interaction.
Facebook pages are excellent places to gather together your customers, prospects and fans to provide reviews, share opinions, voice concerns and offer feedback. You can build a community on your Facebook page in a number of ways, including: Posting useful, relevant and interesting links Asking fans to contribute with comments Organizing contests and promotions Providing a place to leave reviews and other feedback Offering incentives for activity on the page If the Facebook page you create for your business successfully brings people together, you can develop a loyal following that will continue to grow.
Having a Facebook page for your business can be an effective way to direct traffic to your website. Your posts, links and other activity that are contained on your public Facebook page can also give you an SEO boost if they are indexed by search engines. With the speed of social media and new weight being added to information shared through social channels, having a Facebook page that is filled with rich content that is relevant to your business can help you boost your search engine rankings.
Facebook advertisements and promoted posts help spread the word about your business to your target audience. While you can promote a post on your personal profile, this will only be shown to your friends. An ad for your business page, however, can be shown to anyone in your chosen target audience.


Tweet on Twitter!

There are now over 500 Million users on Twitter 34% of marketers use Twitter to generate leads 208 is the average number of tweets per account If you run a small business and aren’t using Twitter, I have to ask, why not? I can assure you that your customers are on Twitter for sure, either through the web or their Smartphone’s. Twitter is an amazing micro-blogging platform which gives business the opportunity to connect with their customers, keep an eye out on their competitors, get feedback, interact and all this can happen real time. Using Twitter can help you interact and engage more with your customers which may not be possible every time in real. For small businesses these relationships can foster a lot of leads, friend referrals which would work for your advantage. Whatever the motive is, be it brand management or driving traffic to website, Twitter is quickly becoming a vital component of marketing strategies
It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are in, but some of your customers are talking about you on social media. If your consumers are writing good things about you, it becomes a testimonial and brings more positive awareness about your brand. If they are unhappy, there comes the “Twitter Rant” where they are expressing their feelings about your brand. This can cause your brand harm in a lot of ways and most importantly hamper your reputation. Thus by being socially active you can turn this situation to your benefit, by making Twitter a channel to interact with your customers directly. Where in you can provide instant solutions, which will salvage the situation and calm down your consumers.
Knowing what your competitors are doing is an important part of running a successful business. Twitter provides a great platform to do so without spending any money! Yes you heard it right. Tracking others’ performance will give you a critical business edge; just by looking at your competitors it’s possible to track new trends, and a lot of valuable information which can help you evaluate where your brand stands. Small Tip: Create a private Twitter list or use any of these twitter tools for business; Add your competitors and key persons from their companies to that list/tool. And you can do some really interesting analysis on how they interact with their customers and what next they are coming up with.
Many companies are only focussed on collecting followers on Twitter, but they forget the main part of how to retain and communicate with those followers. To spark a conversation with your followers you need to share quality content which would lead to retweets and your followers trying to engage with you
witter provides you with pretty extensive metrics and analytics for the performance of your tweets via its Ads dashboard. The new free analytics dashboard access allows anyone to see the performance of your Tweets. Including how many Faves, Retweets and Replies each has received, as well as letting them sort by “Best, Good or All” for at-a-glance ranking of tweet performance. In order to be effective on Twitter, you need to be aware of what your followers are interested in? Twitter Analytics provides you a detailed list of interests and similar twitter accounts that you should follow and interact with. Once you understand your audience, you can easily plan your tweets accordingly.
Using Twitter can help you interact and engage more with your customers which may not be possible every time in real. For small businesses these relationships can foster a lot of leads, friend referrals which would work for your advantage


LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 277 million members in over 200 countries and territories.. We are living in an increasingly globalized world and it will be a huge asset to be connected with professionals on a global scale.
You can create a LinkedIn Company Page and use it as a sales page and your business card at the same time. LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool for businesses.Having a proper corporate presence on the popular business social media platform is crucial. It’s free and easy way to build brand awareness and promote your products and services on a big and reputable networking site. LinkedIn company page is more than just some content about your company. It’s an effective way to be in the same place where your potential customers are and show your business in a way you’d like them to see it.
LinkedIn is an authority site which is great for backlinks and SEO. Since LinkedIn is considered to be an authority site, your LinkedIn profile will be indexed and ranked by Google which will help you with organic search. You have to remember to optimize you LinkedIn profile and Company Page properly to get the best results. Don’t forget new connections that you build on LinkedIn. You can ask some of the people who recommend your profile to exchange links or guest-posts on each other’s blogs. All of these things are crucial for your website’s page rank.
Increase traffic to your site. When searching for things potential customers consider websites, blogs, search, email and social media to make decisions. Only when someone believes you have a good reputation and are credible, will they consider doing business with you. Because of LinkedIn’s great reputation having a proper profile and company page there will increase the chances of a person visiting your site. It is also known that clients coming from LinkedIn tend to have a longer lifecycle
Get found by better clients who spend more. LinkedIn is a reputable source of advice and connections. Business minded and respectable people use it a lot. People with higher income use it a lot. People who are ready to spend serious money browse it a lot. And if they all find your page and it speaks to them you just got yourself a great deal. It is also fact that the sales cycle is shorter and per deal purchases are higher on LinkedIn. This means that people who found you there are more likely to buy something faster from you compare to visiting your website or finding you on other social media channels and spend more in one go.
Add points to your online reputation and digital footprint. It is extremely important in this day and age to keep your online reputation if not spotless but at least under control. Pushing great comments and recommendations up and burying negativity down is part of the game. Being active on a platform as reputable as LinkedIn, connecting to right people, getting positive recommendations and comments for your company page and site will help your reputation management


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